Three plans to stay at Pension Galaxy

Plan with dinner and breakfast
Dinner includes Hors d’oeuvre (cabbage, lettuce, tomato, cucumber in the salad, and three kinds of ham), consomme soup with bacon, beet, cabbage, onion and carrot, meuniere of trout salmon, shrimp, scallops with cream sauce, beef stew with onion, broccoli, carrot and demi-glace sauce, and dessert. The main dish in the second night may change into teriyaki yellowtail with soy and suger sauce and chicken saute with onion sauce.
Plan with breakfast
Breakfast is American and includes sunny lettuce salad, scrambled eggs, roast ham, coffee and tea. Bread is homemade with walnut or other ingredients like suger-glazed azuki beans.
Plan without meals
We recommend you to have a dinner at a restaurant in Hanasaku-no-yu, the most polular day spa in Hanasaku. It may be crowded. We also recommend you to take meals at our Pension!
Pickup plan
We pick you up at various places in Tokyo area including Narita airport.
Unfortunately, this plan has not been implemented yet.
If you are interested in this plan, we shall add the detail.
Three Plans to stay at Pension Galaxy