Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q0) Cancellation policy
    A0) Please understand our cancellation policy. It is very popular among many hotels. Our cancelling policy is as follows. The cancellation fee is 20% of the total if the cancel is between 7 and 4 days ago, 30% if between 3 and 2 days ago, 50% if the day before and 100% if on the day and no show. We only require a guest who cancelled his stay a cancellation fee only if we suffer monetary damage by his cancel. We usually request the cancellation fee only when the rooms are fully occupied or we have prepared his dinner.
  • Q1) Internet access
    A1)We have three Wifi routers and Giga-bit optical fiber internet access. There is also a wired access with a LAN cable in the corridor on the second floor.
  • Q2) Pets
    A2)We are sorry that we do not admit the stay in the room with your pets.
  • Q3) Smoking
    A3)The inside of Pension Galaxy is non smoking. We ask guests to smoke outside of the house.
  • Q4) Bringing food and drinks
    A4) We offer beer, wine and other drinks at a reasonable price. You can bring food and drinks from outside. The nearest Seven-Eleven is about 8 kilometers away from Pension Galaxy, at katashina-Sukagawa shop.
  • Q5) BBQ
    A5) We have prepared a BBQ place in front of Pension Galaxy.
  • Q6) Pickup and Drop off
    A6) We have prepared a microbus Nissan civilian with 29 seats. We will pick up and/or drop off you at the Hotaka-guchu bus stop, Oguna-hotaka ski resort, Hotaka camp and trailhead of Mt. Hotaka for free.
  • Q7) Amenity
    A7) We appreciate it very much iy you bring your teethbrush and towel. If you forgot them, we shall offer them after you let us know it.
  • Q8) Charter
    A8) We offer a chartered plan in a regular season if your group is at least 4 peoples and your plan is with dinner and breakfast. The condition may changer in future.
  • Q9) Coupon
    A9) We offer guests 100-yen discount coupons of Hanasaku-no-yu day spa and Yoriiyama Hot Spring Hokkori-no-yu day spa. We also offer coupons of ski resorts in katashina in winter season.
  • Q10) Online travel agency
    A10) We try to keep the same charge on many online travel agencies. You need not seek for the cheapest charge by watching many agencies.
  • Q11) Boxed Lunch
    A11) We have no more offer a boxed lunch (Obento in Japanese) service.